As I pry off the clutches of COVID’s last cough, I’m reminded how fast life can change, no matter what you have planned, or what time you think you have in front of you. It’s all borrowed… How soon I forgot a fundamental principle given to me by one of my early mentors. I guess I needed some time for reflection, and maybe just a minute to relax. 2021 has been a year of significant swings on the Libra scales, and yet, despite all of the loss and pain, I’ve gained so much more. Knowledge, friendship, self-love, business. I can’t find enough ways to be thankful for the blessings that have surrounded me. I’ve executed on most of what I set out to achieve this past year, a significant yield from my goal-setting tradition, but something has been missing…

It’s amazing how many things you can achieve if you just simply start to write your goals down. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a bit more to it than words on paper, but it starts there. I have become increasingly good at checking boxes of accomplishments and manifesting things into reality. But what I’ve learned is that going through the motions without knowing the purpose will earn you a bunch of stuff you don’t want or need. Manifestation starts with what you focus on, so be careful what you ask from the world and be clear on your intention. Intention… the very thing that has been missing from my list. While I’ve been focused on the “what” and “how”, I’ve missed the very reason and foundation for all of these goals.

My list of goals and achievements will be focused on the “why” rather than the “what” or “how”. Finding a center between logic and emotion to guide my life with purpose. So I’ll start this year’s list with mantras that will guide me into 2022.

Physical & Health

Mantra: I feel extraordinarily healthy, strong, and comfortable

  • Prioritize my health above all else
  • Utilize my knowledge of natural wellness
  • Make significant lifestyle changes for the better
  • Adopt new active hobbies

Emotional & Spiritual

Mantra: I’m overjoyed, positive, and at peace

  • Let go of all unnecessary stresses, detox from anything negative
  • Ask for help with things I want to overcome
  • Do more things I’m afraid of
  • Be confident in my direction
  • Be more of me

Relationship & Social

Mantra: I’m attracting all the love and friendships I’ve dreamt of

  • Strengthen relationships and repair insecurities of my past
  • Love myself more = give more of myself
  • Deepen my friendships
  • Find a counselor that can enhance my relationships


Mantra: I’m fulfilled and proud of what I’ve achieved and accomplished

  • Succeed at the things I have already invested in, follow through
  • Expand into new areas, make investments outside of my comfort zone, learn real estate
  • Get rid of bad business
  • Be the leader I was meant to be


Mantra: I have a brilliant mind and I’m excited to expand it

  • Invest in mentorship, personally & professionally
  • Read more frequently
  • Learn to formally read music
  • Focus on a foreign language
  • Expand on my artwork