Not by accident, by design

Entrepreneurial Shepherd, Libra, Flight Risk, Natural Biohacker, Visionary Lifestyle Designer

  • Entrepreneur Starting at 6/yo

  • 16yrs as Global VP of MarCom
    $23B US/Chinese Conglomerate

  • Built & Sold 7 Companies in Tech, SaaS, Payments & Healthcare (as of 2021)

  • Rang Opening Bell NASDAQ (2014)

  • 100% Bootstrapped Founder

“It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react that counts.”

Jeremy Lessaris

Founder & CEO of
United Syndicates Group

United Syndicates Group

Serial entrepreneur, founder, CEO, investor & partner.

Software-enabled graphic design

Graphic design career website (Coming Soon)

Charades-style, movie quote trivia card game by

Patented sand & water auger for the pleasure craft industry

Patent-pending, ready-to-drink mimosa (mechanical bevtech)

Online reputation management SaaS Acquired 2021

Payment solutions brokerage & technical consulting Acquired 2019

GPS speed control for the marine industry Acquired 2015

Blood pressure monitoring & maintenence kit Acquired 2013

Custom formulated supplement line Acquired in 2012

There is more to me than a sum of accomplishments, accolades, and deals. I’m a master manifestor, a modern-day medicine man, a soundtrack sommelier and an island aficionado. I’ll take a sunrise over a sunset, experiences over stuff and things, and always mind over matter… I find the positive in everything and always look for a way to use my Libra scales to find balance.

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Ok, not “As Seen on TV” but here are some of the places my articles, interviews, podcasts, press & news releases got picked up over the years.

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