The Entrepreneur’s Compass

I had the opportunity to chat with my new friend, Michael Connif, on “The Accelerator” podcast. Our conversation extended well beyond the podcast, as we found ourselves deep in discussion about me becoming a more confident writer and exchanging ideas, as entrepreneurs do. This experience felt more like a dialogue with a long-time friend rather than a formal interview and, for me, a bit of a nostalgic journey.

During this call, I came to realize that my journey hasn’t solely been about building businesses; it has been about exploring the intersection of purpose and passion, seeking alignment between my actions and my identity, as well as my aspirations. Mine has been a relentless pursuit of impact-driven entrepreneurship, a quest for a balanced life—and by “balanced” I mean running between both sides of my Libra scales—and a journey of self-discovery.

I was reminded of the power of storytelling—not only the stories we share with others but also the ones we tell ourselves. These narratives shape our perceptions, our choices, and our life paths, serving as a compass that offers direction and perspective as I continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of my life and work.

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