My Journey and Insights: Reflecting on My Conversation with Coach Henry

I had the pleasure of doing a deep dive into entrepreneurship, personal evolution, and got to share a bit about my path towards designing a better life. My good friend, and host Coach Henry provided a really warm welcome on his new platform The Positive Traction Podcast where I got to share my experiences and philosophies on life and business.

This talk really got me to explore my transition from being deeply engrossed in my career and all my other ventures to embracing the broader canvas of lifestyle design. It’s funny how I start by talking about my move to Miami. Hearing it made me realize that it isn’t just a change of scenery for me; I think it symbolized a shift towards prioritizing what truly matters – my well-being, my own happiness, and getting to see sunrises from a new perspective, both literally and figuratively.

Watching this for the first time, I got to see my reshaped definition of success. It’s no longer about “rise-and-grind” and accumulating stuff and things, it’s about finding harmony and fulfillment in my life every day. It’s a hard transformation from my old work-dominated existence… I have to say that It was a little difficult for me to hear in my own words, since I came from such a survivalist mentality and that is still very much a work in progress. Talking about my past ventures, both successes and failures, really highlighted the role of being resilient – how each setback has been a lesson, while maybe not visible in the moment, the end result steered me toward better decisions and ventures that are more in alignment with how I want to live.

More recently I find myself talking about building and nurturing relationships and the importance of surrounding yourself with genuine, supportive people who share similar values and visions. I can’t tell you how much those connections have become apart of my journey and it’s nice to have found yet another likeminded person on a similar path. Sharing stories to inspire others and enjoying the pursuit of fulfillment along the way, we could have easily went on for hours without even thinking about it. Having done so many podcasts recently, and being sick that day, that’s a tribute to what a great interview and host Coach Henry is. Overall, I hope the narrative resonates and encourages people to work from a place of purpose and passion.

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